WATERFALL, Lisa T. Bergren. Published by David C. Cook (Christy Award Winner).

While excavating a Tuscan tomb with their mother during a summer vacation, sisters Gabi and Lea are transported back to 1332 Tuscany and the battles between Florence and Siena.

Lots and LOTS of action. It is more fantasy than fiction based on historical facts. In actual fact, young girls sword-fighting with medieval knights is so highly improbable that normally I would discount the book because of it.

However, the action sequences were so well-written that I enjoyed them with the “willing suspension of disbelief” I usually carry into Sci-Fi movies. In fact, the whole book was so well written it rattled right along.

Yes, there is a sweet love story in the book but rest assured there is nothing objectionable there. The themes of courage, honor, and loyalty come through. Unfortunately, the Christy Awards do not honor YA books anymore and that is a shame because they are unfailingly an indication of good writing and content.