LONGBOW, Wayne Grant, Five Book Series. Available on Amazon.

Boys especially will love books where the protagonist is up against impossible odds and must face them and conquer them. This adventure series, set in 12th century England, is filled with battles, swords, bows and arrows, evil villains, brave knights, and non-stop action. Roland Innes is definitely a hero one can root for. Roland does meet and eventually marry a lady worthy of his love: feisty, strong-willed Lady Millicent de Laval.

“The first four books in the saga: Longbow, Warbow, The Broken Realm and The Ransomed Crown, tell the coming-of-age story of the young archer as he becomes a man in a brutal age.” The series begins when Roland is fourteen.

While not Christan per se, the series supports the ideals of Chivalry. I absolutely LOVE this series!