BOOK ONE: In the Marrow of His Bones

ngland, 1193 A.D. Lady Alix Oliver, age fifteen, stares in horror. Prince John has seized Trowleigh castle and pronounced her death sentence! Her brother, 13 year-old William, fares no better. He is banished to serve a brutal Marcher lord—if he reaches Wales alive.

Their father, Baron Justin Oliver, has gone missing from the Third Crusade, and is declared dead. With King Richard imprisoned in Austria, his younger brother, Prince John, now rules England. John has nursed a bitter hatred against Lord Oliver for years because he feels the baron humiliated him. Now, he strikes back at the Olivers with all of the vengeance his twisted soul can devise.

Alix and William must escape and sail for Normandy, but how? And who would dare help them if it meant incurring the wrath of the most powerful and unforgiving man in the kingdom?

A gripping story of revenge, treachery, courage and the providence of God, set in 12th century England!

BOOK TWO: Bare Haven

The assassins sent after Alix and Wil in Book One redouble their attempts to find them. Brother and sister find shelter in a friendly priory, but so do Margaret and David, two Jewish refugees who escaped the massacre of the Jews at York. A string of bizarre incidents reveals that this is not a safe refuge after all. Meanwhile, Alix’s love still searches for her.

BOOK THREE: The Penitent Son

William is in the wrong place at the wrong time and accused of murder. A kindly friar tries to help, but the sheriff wants William to hang. Returning to Trowleigh seems impossible. But nothing is impossible with God.