Pastor Jason’s worst nightmare has just come true, and things are about to get worse. It isn’t his fault Aloha Community Church has a history of sexual scandal and grace is in short supply. He’s new to the church. Yet, he has been wrongly accused, and unless a miracle happens–soon, he is going to be drummed out of the pastorate in disgrace. However, the small group of random souls who meet in his living room every Friday for a study on the Holy Spirit have problems of their own. Some of them are just as urgent. And they are all wondering the same thing: where is God in the midst of all of this heartache? They are about to find out. And in the process they will discover love, faith, great joy, and what it really means to be a part of the body of Christ. A must read for anyone in a local church!

A Great Read!

What a wonderful book for anyone that is involved in the church. Colorful characters. A poignant story. The message of Christ carries through the entire book. You come away with an idea of how prayer, friends, compassion, trust and love can change your life. What a refreshing read!

— L.G. Blankenship, author of the Sam Fields Series

Characters You Can Relate To

I loved this book. These fictional characters in this church are universal. Some of these characters seemed familiar, much like the Saducees and Pharisees mentioned in the New Testament. Each reminded me of different people and experiences at churches I have attended in the past. For those of you who do not go to church, you see an honest portrayal of Christians. We’re not perfect. Every church has these problems. The author’s love and deep relationship with the Lord shone through on every page. Reading about the power of Small Group Ministry and prayer – WOW!

— Sonya R. Smith

A Warm & Wonderful Book

Set in beautiful Hawaii, Pastor Jason, Aloha Community Church, and the random souls that attend it, face lessons on integrity, truthfulness, love, kindness, family and the wonderful works of God and the Holy Spirit.

— LaTawnia Porter

Good Christian Fiction

“Random Souls” by Deanna Rutledge is a book that discusses what happens when a troubled church can’t come to grips with its past without losing its hope for the future. Rutledge’s book demonstrates that God can and does work through our problems. We may not know why He allows a certain trial to befall us, but we can be assured that He has a purpose for it and it may not be about us. Discover what being a part of the body of Christ means as you read this incredible story of uncertainty turn to joy.

— Jill P. Jones