BOOK ONE:  In the Marrow of His Bones

race Oliver stares in horror. Prince John has just pronounced her death sentence! Her brother, young William, fares no better. He is banished to servitude under a brutal marcher Lord — if he reaches Wales alive.

King Richard cannot help. He is imprisoned in Austria. Their father, Lord Justin Oliver, is missing and declared dead. Feeling that Lord Oliver humiliated him years ago, the Prince, who now rules England, has nursed a bitter hatred toward him ever since. He chooses his moment and strikes back with all of the vengeance his twisted soul can devise.

Grace and William must escape to Normandy, but who would dare to help them if it meant incurring the wrath of the most powerful and unforgiving man in the kingdom?

A gripping story of revenge, treachery, courage and the providence of God, set in 12th century England!