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Every month or so,  I will write a short article dealing with some aspect of fiction. For example, the first post will be about the fact that reading helps students become better writers.  In the post after that, we will discuss some ways in which reading improves cognition  and general physical well-being for everyone. And so it goes.

With every post I will also recommend books for various ages, books that have been “around for a while”, but ones you may have missed. All of us look for certain things when we read fiction. Some people look for romance. Others want a “four hankie” book that will stir our deepest emotions. Some want mystery, suspense, or action. Me? I look, first of all, for a book that is well written. By that I mean a book whose characters are well developed, that is set in an interesting or unusual time period, whose narrative flows along easily. I also look for books that contain a strong Christian message, but I also enjoy books that, while not overtly Christian, still contain traditional values.

I will also ask you to reply to my blog either by letting me know how you liked (or didn’t like) my suggestions, or by making some suggestions yourself.  NOTE:  Please do NOT recommend books with sex scenes or swearing. All books should affirm a Christian worldview.  If I like them, I will add them to my monthly recommendations.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you recommend. There are soooo many books I get weary of being not up to date. I love fiction because it can keep me engaged in a meaningful story.

    • drutledge

      November 10, 2017 at 10:17 pm

      I recommend books for various age groups about once a month, usually around the end of the month. Look for November’s recommendations.

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