LONGBOW, Wayne Grant, Published independently, 2014. Available on Amazon.

Most YA boys love books where the protagonist is up against impossible odds and must face them down and conquer them. This adventure series set in 12th century England, filled with battles, swords, bows and arrows, evil villains, brave knights, and non-stop action, is one of them. Roland Innes is definitely a hero one can root for.

When Roland’s father is killed, he must flee for his life, but he is hounded by a relentless enemy. Fortunately, he is aided by a Friar named Tuck, and a Norman knight who is so well written the character leaps off the page. I have not read Book Two of the series, which takes place during the Third Crusade, but I enjoyed Books Three and Four as well as Book One. These books take Roland up through age 18. So actually, I am recommending all three. One thing I believe readers will appreciate is the fact that the historical details, while there, and while setting the background reliably, do not intrude unnecessarily on the narrative.

This series of four books has been around for a while, though it may not be known in Christian circles. While the message of Christ is not foremost in the book, Christian virtues of honor, courage, defense of the weak, loyalty, virtue and truth are prominent.