I am a teacher, specializing in classes for home school students. I am also a novelist. Long before I was either of these, however, I was an avid reader. Through the years, books have taken me everywhere I wanted to go and places I didn’t know existed. I have met hundreds (maybe thousands) of astonishing and fascinating characters. I have crept into their minds and their hearts, and experienced their joy, their grief, and myriad emotions in between. I have been captivated by their enthralling adventures, often turning pages into the wee hours only to find myself unrepentantly sleep deprived the next day!

After years of teaching and reading, I followed the next logical step: writing. On this website you will be introduced to a novel (Random Souls), a novella (A Little Song, A Little Dance…) and Book One of the soon-to-be-published quartet of books set in the Middle Ages, written for students, grades 9-12.

You may be interested to know that after thirty years in Hawaii, my husband and I have moved to Virginia. We are blessed to be near our son, his lovely wife, and our absolutely fabulous grandchildren, all of whom have brought us deep joy. Life is a great adventure, and as I now turn my attention to writing historical fiction, I am discovering that we who live in the present day are not so very different from those who lived long ago. The enduring thread of universal themes binds us all together. And so, it is my honor and privilege to be among those who write these timeless stories. Please check back on this website for publication dates.